День Памяти в США: Этикет Флага и Почтение К Памяти Павших Героев
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Memorial Day in the United States: Flag Etiquette and Honoring Fallen Heroes

Memorial Day is the most moving of the country's patriotic holidays, despite the picnics, camping and travel associated with the unofficial start of summer. On this day, Americans commemorate the sacrifices and suffering made for freedom and remember the military personnel who lost their lives in service to their country. All of this takes place in an atmosphere of deep respect for our country's symbols, most notably the flying of the American flag.

When you fly the U.S. flag, also known as "Old Glory," on Memorial Day. Whenever the flag is flown at half pole, it "should first be raised to the top for a moment and then lowered to half pole" as stated in the Flag Code. When the flag is put away for the night, it "should be raised to the top again before it is lowered for the day."

Special protocols are observed on Memorial Day. The flag must fly at half pole before noon and then rise to the top of the pole for the rest of the day. This custom, unique to Memorial Day, honors the war dead on the morning of Memorial Day and then the flag is flown at full pole at noon by the living "who choose not to let their sacrifice be in vain, but to stand in their place and continue the fight for freedom and justice for all."

Vanguard soldiers pay tribute to fallen heroes
Vanguard soldiers pay tribute to fallen heroes

Not everyone has a flagpole. On Memorial Day, flags are often placed on the side of a house, window, or balcony. When the flag is mounted horizontally or vertically, the blue field with stars should be on the upper left as seen by passersby.

In all cases, make sure the flag is in excellent condition and is not frayed or torn, and that its red and white stripes and union (blue field of stars) are bright and vibrant.

How to fold a flag correctly
Not everyone flies the flag every day. If you are one of those people who save it for holidays and other patriotic occasions, make sure you properly fold and store it between uses.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly fold the American flag. Most importantly, never let the American flag touch the ground. This is easier to accomplish with two people who should hold the flag at waist level when folding.

Folded flags are usually stored in a triangular case to display the flag. The main thing to remember, regardless of how the folded flag is displayed, is that the red and white stripes should not be visible. Only the blue field section of stars representing the US states should be visible.

U.S. Army Reserve morgue specialists care for America's fallen heroes
U.S. Army Reserve morgue specialists care for America's fallen heroes

When the flag is no longer fit for display, dispose of it properly, preferably in a ceremonial burning. American Legion posts and other veterans groups often conduct flag disposal ceremonies.

Memorial Day service etiquette
Observing proper etiquette is also important at Memorial Day services at cemeteries and other locations. When the flag is raised:

  • Spectators who are not in uniform should face the flag, stand at attention and place their hands over their hearts.
  • Those in uniform should give a proper military salute.
  • A man who is out of uniform but wearing a hat should remove it with his right hand and hold it at his left shoulder, placing his palm against his heart.
  • Participants who are not U.S. citizens must stand at attention.
  • When the flag goes in a moving pole, all people, regardless of their military status, should salute it as it passes by.

Overall, Memorial Day is an important time to respect and honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Observing flag etiquette on this day is an expression of our deep respect and gratitude. Remember, this day is not just the beginning of summer, it is a day to stop, reflect and express our gratitude to those who have made the greatest sacrifice.

We at Socium.Network encourage everyone to take part in celebrating this important day. No matter where you are or how you celebrate, the most important thing is to remember and respect those who have left us in service to the country. If you have ideas or stories you would like to share, send them to support@socium.network. We would love to share your thoughts and stories with our community.