Начинаем Вместе: Приветственное Обращение от Команды Simple Connect
2023-05-29 Community Resources

Starting Together: Welcome Address from the Simple Connect Team

Welcome to our new site Socium.Network, created by the team of Simple Connect! Today, on Memorial Day, we're excited to open the doors of our new community and introduce you to our first article.

In this message we would like to share our plans and vision for the development of our website. For the first few weeks and beyond, we plan to actively publish news from Orange County, California and the United States. Our goal is to offer you the most interesting and relevant information every day. We intend to publish author contributions, reviews, articles and more to keep you up to date.

So far our functionality is limited, but we are actively working on improving it. Now we are developing a new system of ads, which will help you easily find the goods and services you need. We are also creating a personal user account with convenient and useful functionality. In the future we plan to add the ability to comment on news, articles and announcements, so that you can actively participate in the life of our community.

Socium.Network media platform logo
Socium.Network media platform logo

In conclusion, we would like to open the veil of mystery. We are actively working on creating unique banner ads for different accounts, focusing on different geographic regions such as Los Angeles, San Diego and Miami. Currently, all ad banners on the site are placed for free. If you would like to place an ad banner, affiliate piece, or interview, please email us at support@socium.network.

We are working on structuring the information and providing it in Russian and Ukrainian languages, which are convenient and familiar to you. Thank you for joining our community. We are confident that our cooperation will be productive and interesting. Follow the updates, because we still have a lot of interesting things ahead of us!