Четыре новых ресторана в Santa Ana. Что вкусного можно заказать?
2023-09-27 Local news

Four new restaurants in Santa Ana. What's delicious to order?

In Santa Ana, seekers of gastronomic experiences have every reason to rejoice: four new restaurants have opened in the city.

New business projects are always great: for the economy and the development of the city. And when it comes to catering establishments, it is doubly pleasant. Recently, four restaurants opened their doors in Santa Ana, and each one has its own specialties.

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Board & Brew - quality sandwiches, secret sauce and craft beer

They say of themselves here, "The food we offer is our pride and joy, and we are never limited. Our sandwiches are made from scratch with real ingredients that are delivered fresh every day. No preservatives, no substitutes, no frozen meats - just pure, healthy deliciousness." In addition to grilled entrees and sandwiches, the menu also includes homemade salads. All dishes are made from the highest quality meat, dairy products and organically grown ingredients.
Address - 3305 S Bristol St Suite A, Santa Ana, CA 92707

новый ресторан Santa Ana

Hummus Way - order family meals online

The eatery offers food and beverages with delivery. You can choose, for example, wheat pilaf or basmati rice with choice of greens, hummus and unlimited toppings and sauces for $14.99+. Or grape leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices for $7.99 or crispy fried zucchini with garlic sauce for the same price. They also offer family sets for 5, 10-12 people, a kids' menu, fries, rice pudding, and plenty of drinks.
Another such facility operates in Orange.
Address - 2321 E 4th St STE E, Santa Ana, CA 92705

новых ресторана Santa Ana

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Kebab Kurry Express - Afghan restaurant

A hidden gem that wows the taste buds with its unique blend of Afghan, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. Located in a cozy corner, the restaurant offers a true culinary adventure. During this journey you can order homemade specialty kebabs, different types of kebabs. Also - falafel, dishes from lamb, chicken, beef. There are also vegetarian dishes. Prices - from $17.
Address - 3394 S Bristol St B, Santa Ana, CA 92704

новые рестораны Santa Ana

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill - Greek restaurant

Here, original, classic Mediterranean flavors are created daily based on classic family recipes from fresh, authentic ingredients. A savory kebab from the grill, a crisp refreshing salad, a satisfying appetizer, dessert or something different. The Great Greek is a modern take on timeless cuisine. "Our appetizers, soups and sauces are prepared daily with quality and fresh ingredients to get your meal started right. These traditional dishes are great for sharing with others or enjoying on their own."
Address - 3305 S Bristol St Suite B, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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Enjoy the taste! In the meantime, the Socium.Network team is preparing the following selection of interesting gastronomic establishments.