Предложение за $3,7м, которое понравилось бы даже лошадям
2023-08-25 Local news

A $3.7m offer that even the horses would enjoy

That's how much a custom, exclusive home with stables in an Anaheim, Orange County neighborhood is worth.

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The offer appeared on the real estate market relatively recently. However, it is already being actively discussed online. Someone says that this is the ideal house and everyone's dream. Someone - that the whims of millionaires. However, it is impossible not to agree that it looks chic and elegant at the same time.

Located on a 1 acre lot at 177 S. Peralta Hills Drive, the home with stables has 6,179 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. Next door is a guest house, pool. There is a court, a room that could be used as a music studio, wine cellar, workshop, office, secondary garage.

дом с конюшнями

And the most interesting thing is the so-called additional amenities: a stable with a separate entrance and an area for horses, well-maintained, with lush trees. Perhaps the offer is more for those who are interested in these intelligent and proud animals. Who likes to ride and who enjoys socializing with horses. After all, it is a known fact that they relieve fatigue, calm down, return mental balance. And there is even such a type of therapy as hippotherapy.

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They say it's the only one of its kind with stables. Have you ever seen anything like it before?

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Image: redfin.com