Улучшенная трасса 405 в Orange County откроется с дополнительными полосами
2023-10-30 Local news

Orange County's improved Interstate 405 will open with additional lanes

One of the most expensive infrastructure initiatives in Orange County history will be the widened and modernized Route 405.

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A massive road project is underway on a 25.7-kilometer stretch between SR-73 in Costa Mesa and I-605 near the Los Angeles County border. Costing $2.16 billion, it provides additional lanes on the 405 freeway. Specifically, one regular and two tolled express lanes. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) says the project is nearing completion. And it will open to the public on Dec. 1.

As for the fast lanes, drivers will be able to use them for a certain fee. It will depend on the time and volume of traffic. It is noted that the average price will be $3 for a driver, with a maximum of $9.95 during rush hours on Fridays. First of all, this system is aimed at regulating traffic and reducing the load on other parts of the road.

трасса 405 Orange County
The I-405 highway carries more than 300,000 vehicles per day. Image: swcpa.org.

Roadwork involves more than just adding new lanes.

In five years of repairs, contractors have improved exits and approaches and reconstructed dozens of bridges. This has made Interstate 405 safer and more efficient for drivers, project initiators say. The new lanes and infrastructure improvements will generally reduce traffic congestion on this section and increase the speed of traffic on the highway.

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There is also the possibility of free use of the express lanes during off-peak times for drivers with two or more passengers. In particular, for the first three and a half years after opening.

Orange County Transportation Authority spokesman Joel Zlotnick commented:

This is one of the busiest stretches of highway in the country. I think that everyone who regularly drives on it knows how busy it is. And will be very pleased when they see the results of this project

трасса 405 Orange County
The project could cut travel time by up to 13 minutes for drivers who choose the fast lanes. Image: twitter.com/goOCTA.

The completion of the I-405 freeway widening project is a significant event for California residents and all who use the road. The new Interstate 405 in Orange County will improve the quality of travel, reduce traffic congestion. It will also make this roadway safer and more convenient for all drivers.

Hopefully, we will feel all of its benefits soon enough.

Image: psomas.com