Через два года вы это место уже не узнаете
2023-08-29 Local news

Two years from now, you won't recognize this place

Modern patio, amphitheater seating, children's area, new landscaping. Santa Ana has begun an ambitious project to renovate the Main Library.

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And this is great news for all book lovers and community activists. After transforming the exterior courtyard of the Main Library in Santa Ana, the space will become a cozy outdoor event space and an area buzzing with life.

The city administration is optimistic about the project's implementation. However, they are giving it two years. During this time, the authors of the idea plan to revive the cultural center in the community and breathe new life into it. So that the whole of Orange County will hear about this place.

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What kind of work will be performed?

  • redesign of the children's learning area
  • development of modern infrastructure
  • restoration of the marble facade and a return to the original design.

the Main Library

It will feature amphitheater-like seating, outdoor reading areas and new landscaping. The open space will be the perfect place for library events and gatherings. The new design and appearance will create a vibrant and welcoming space for all members of the community.

There are several other points that influenced the decision to transform the library area into the Main Library. The first one is caused by safety risks. After all, there is a tall tree ficus growing next to the library the fruit of which has injured people on more than one occasion. In addition, the tree's root system can reach up to 30 feet in diameter and potentially affect the building's foundation. The second point is the need for historic preservation. Since the building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Socium.Network team hopes that this initiative will help to create a modern and cozy atmosphere for all those who travel to the world of books and knowledge. You must agree that such positive projects are sorely lacking!

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