Жаркие дни: найдите укрытие в общественных местах
2023-07-18 Local news

Hot days: find shelter in public places

The fight against the heat continues. Santa Ana, the administrative center of Orange County, offers public places to visit on hot days.

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The National Weather Service is warning of high temperatures in much of California. For example, forecasters are predicting up to 31 degrees in Santa Ana this week. But the city has prepared for a worse case scenario. To keep residents comfortable on hot days, Santa Ana has cooling spaces available at community centers, libraries and senior centers.

This is reported on the official website of the city.

Here's a list of public places to hide out in the heat:

Santa Ana Public Library

Newhope Library

  • 122 N. Newhope St.
    Monday and Wednesday: 12.00-20.00
    Tuesday, Thursday through Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Community centers and senior centers

  • Santa Ana Senior Center, 424 W. 3rd St.
  • Southwest Senior Center, 2201 W. McFadden Ave.
  • Jerome Community Center, 726 S. Center St.
  • Salgado Community Center, 706 N. Newhope St.
  • Salvadoran Community Center, 1825 W. Civic Center Drive
  • Roosevelt-Walker Community Center, 816 E. Chestnut Ave.
  • Garfield Community Center, 501 N. Lacy St.

Available Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


According to experts, heat can affect the condition of even a healthy person. Therefore, in order to tolerate high air temperatures more easily, pay attention to a few tips. For example, wear clothes made of light fabrics on hot days, do not go outside without a hat and sunglasses, drink plenty of water, do not use cosmetics and greasy creams, replace heavy food with fruits or fresh vegetables.

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