Быстрые и шумные автомобили совсем не нравятся полиции
2023-07-21 Local news

Fast and noisy cars are not liked by the police at all

Laguna Beach Police in Orange County have taken control of the problem of fast cars and loud exhausts.

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Laguna Beach police officers conducted a multi-agency operation. It was joined by colleagues from Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Seal Beach, Tustin, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This is reported on the City of Laguna Beach website.

The main purpose of such a raid is to control law enforcement, speed of cars and loudness of exhausts. Because they affect the safety and quality of life of people.

The following results were recorded during the operation:

  • police stopped 198 vehicles for traffic violations.
  • 98 vehicles received fines for loud exhausts.
  • specialists from the Bureau of Automotive Repair inspected 15 vehicles for modified exhaust system violations.
  • 34 vehicles received tickets for exceeding the base speed limit or traveling more than 65 miles per hour.
  • 82 other violations were recorded.
  • one driver was apprehended and four vehicles were impounded.

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One of the major problems in Orange County's coastal communities is noisy exhaust, exceeding noise limits by law. The unpleasant loud hum that vehicles create significantly impacts the lives of residents.

Therefore, the Laguna Beach Police Department will continue joint operations with law enforcement agencies from other cities in the county to combat this problem. In particular, such actions will be carried out during the summer period. Laguna Beach Police Commander Jeff Calvert emphasized that the first operation was successful.

Measures to combat fast cars and loud exhausts continue. Residents are assured that the police will make every effort to preserve peace and quiet.

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Photo: lagunabeachcity.net