1 млн долларов на безопасность: городу Fullerton повезло
2023-07-25 Local news

1 million dollars for safety: the city of Fullerton is lucky to have it

Safety grant. The City of Fullerton in Orange County will receive $1 million for a pilot program for police social workers.

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The pilot program is based on providing services for calls related to mental health crises, domestic violence or juvenile delinquency. This grant will improve the safety of the City of Fullerton and reduce emergency response times.

The initiative allows for two licensed social workers. They will also receive equipment and two unmarked police vehicles. The pilot project was made possible through the cooperation of the authority, Fullerton Police Department and Supervisor Doug Chaffee of Orange County Board of Supervisors Orange County. This is reported on the city's official website.

Fullerton Safety Grant.
Fullerton Safety Grant.

"This, the first of its kind, model in Orange County will deploy licensed social workers employed by the Fullerton Police Department to shift the focus to treatment. Especially for mental health crises," commented Chaffee. - This approach will reduce the strain on law enforcement resources. And at the same time will positively affect change in the community, helping those in need. I am pleased to provide this program in my hometown of Fullerton.

The social worker program within the police department is an innovative format for keeping the city safe. Social workers will provide services alongside police officers. Or independently to ensure that people in crisis situations are adequately and effectively assisted. This includes crisis response, referrals to medical services, treatment and follow-up.

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Fullerton's $1 million program to bring social workers to the Fullerton Police Department is a step forward in reforming the way people stay safe. And its success rate can be a source of inspiration for other cities. The program's initiators and implementers are counting on the positive impact this project will have on community well-being. They are also considering its expansion in the future.

The Socium.Network team supports the initiative. After all, people's safety is always a priority.

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