Полсотни новых вакансий: Santa Ana предлагает работу водителям, интернам, бухгалтерам
2023-10-16 Local news

Hundred and fifty new jobs: Santa Ana offers jobs for drivers, interns, accountants

Santa Ana offers professionals jobs in various areas of city life - there are fifty positions available. Find out which ones!

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"We encourage all individuals to apply to us and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, veteran status, mental or physical disability," the website www.governmentjobs.com.

Whether you get the job depends on a successful application, passing a police background check, including a drug screen, and a medical exam.

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Among the jobs on offer are:

  • Part-time Administrative Intern. Salary is $18.15 - $19.06 each hour.
  • Assistant plan check engineer full time. Salary - $105,240.00 - $141,036.00 per year.
  • Full-time Correctional Officer. Salary - $74,436.00 - $90,480.00 per year.
  • Part-time driver. Salary - $20.19 - $24.54 per hour.
  • Part-time recreation facility caretaker. Salary is $18.09 - $22.03 per hour.
  • Part-time Employment Counselor. Salary - $17.22 - $20.93 per hour.
  • Full Time Bookkeeper. Salary - $98,748.00 - $132,468.00 per year.
  • Part-time library employee. Salary is $20.91 - $25.43 per hour.
  • Part-time Service Manager. Salary - $16.54 - $19.78 per hour.
  • Part-time Community Center Assistant. Salary is $22.26 - $27.06 per hour.
  • Engineering Intern (part-time). Internship - $19.97 - $20.96 each hour.
  • Part-time fingerprint expert (part-time). Salary is $29.88 - $36.32 per hour.

Look for more options here.

вакансий Santa Ana работу

To apply for a position (online only!), click on the title and then on the "Apply" link. If this is your first time applying through this system, you will need to create an account and select a username and password. Next, you select the "Create Application" option. This can be saved and used to apply to multiple positions. Only authorized employees and employers have access to the submitted information.

Important: make sure that you fully complete the work experience section of the application (preferably at least 10 years of work experience). Applications with one or more blank fields may be rejected.

Best of luck in getting a job!

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