Санитарная инспекция закрыла 20 ресторанов в Orange County
2023-09-26 Local news

The health inspectorate has closed 20 restaurants in Orange County

Due to cockroaches and lack of proper working conditions, Orange County closed more than 20 restaurants in September. Some have reopened.

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The main reasons the Orange County Environmental Health Division may close restaurants are roaches, rats, mice, sewer problems, lack of warm (100 F or more) water for hand washing or dishwashing, functioning restrooms, fires or other disasters, infections, and the like.

The closure of most establishments this month in the county is specifically due to rodent and cockroach infestations, sewage, lack of hot water and vermin infestations.

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"Such steps allow the establishment to focus its efforts on correcting the cause of the closure. Whether it was due to an inspector's initiative or an owner's initiative, an Environmental Health representative always verifies that the reason for the closure has been corrected before reopening the food establishment," Environmental Health Division inspectors note.

закрыла ресторанов Orange County
Closures or "suspension of permits" are in response to an imminent health hazard present in a food service establishment. Image: unsplash.com

Which restaurants were closed and which ones have already reopened?

According to an Orange County Health Department report, the inspection closed more than 20 restaurants. Back in business:

  • Nalus Island Grill, Kaleyard, Mozambique restaurant in Laguna Niguel
  • Brick in San Clemente
  • Hong Kong Express, Waba Grill in Anaheim
  • 102 Cafe, 5W Meat Factory, Quan Bun in Garden Grove
  • Surf City Liquor, Beach Hut Deli in Huntington Beach
  • Citrus Cafe in Tustin
  • Knottea, Stanton Assisted Living Facility in Stanton
  • Loft at Cypress in Cypress
  • Scratch Bakery Cafe, Taco Rosa in Newport Beach
  • Kang Ho Dong Baek Jeong in Irvine
  • Maui Hawaiian BBQ in Westminster
  • Yoshiharu Ramen in Orange
  • La Tapatia Meat Market in Santa Ana

Only one establishment is still out of business. This is the Barcode Cafe in Garden Grove due to sewage problems.

You can read the report in detail here.

Image: unsplash.com