Самое высокое на планете и задолбанное дятлами. Новый калифорнийский рекорд
2023-09-11 Local news

The tallest on the planet and pecked by woodpeckers. A new California record

The tallest tree on Earth, a giant coastal sequoia in California known as Hyperion, has reached nearly 116 meters in height.

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The title of the world's tallest tree has been officially awarded to a huge coastal Hyperion sequoia in California, USA. The giant grows in the Redwood National Park, which is north of San Francisco. It was first discovered in 2006. And maybe even then it would not have been noticed, because the tree is located in a rather remote part of the park. However, its exact location is not named, so that visitors do not disturb the ecosystem.

The size of the tallest tree on the planet is staggering. Hyperion rises 115.85 meters in height, and it is about 7 meters wide. By comparison, the Statue of Liberty in New York City is only 93 meters tall. However, researchers suggest that, theoretically, the sequoia could grow even more. The upper limit it could reach is in the range of 122 to 130 meters. Thus, the tallest tree in the world today has almost reached its theoretical maximum.

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Now the sequoia's growth rate has slowed somewhat due to damage to the top, probably by woodpeckers. And another giant named Helios, with a height of 114.58 meters, is catching up with it. Only six years ago, the difference between them was colossal - the gap was 1.2 meters.

The hyperion is given 700 to 800 years. However, researchers say that coastal sequoias live about 4,000 years. In general, sequoias are native to the Jurassic period and have been seen as far back as the dinosaurs.

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The territory of Redwood National Park, where Hyperion is located, is a unique area. Conservationists strive to preserve its ancient fauna and flora, rivers, streams, and even its pristine coastline. This stunning giant is a testament to the amazing biodiversity and natural wonders California has to offer.

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Image: talesbytrees.com, thetravel.com