Калифорнийская железная дорога меняет проект маршрута между LA и Anaheim
2023-10-31 Local news

California Railroad is changing the route design between LA and Anaheim

California Railroad announced changes to plans to develop a high-speed route between LA and Anaheim.

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On Monday, October 30, California High Speed Rail (CAHSR) unveiled a new approach to infrastructure that includes a fourth rail line between the two cities of Los Angeles and Anaheim.

For Southern California, these changes mean new prospects for high-speed rail. The additional line will allow commuter rail systems and freight trains to have their own tracks. And consequently - not to share them with others, thus easing the congestion of the metro.

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The new plan was moved to after officials and the community of Colton, where CAHSR was going to build its own depot, began protesting. And now, California High Speed Rail is developing a new project that would build a fourth line between LA and Anaheim to improve and streamline rail infrastructure.

железная дорога LA Anaheim
A high-speed rail connection in Southern California. Image: hsr.ca.gov.

According to CAHSR officials, these changes will not only save the project's costs (and they've been re-estimated from $8.97 billion to $6.46 billion to $6.72 billion). But will also improve rail service between the two cities.

Travel time along the route is expected to be 45 minutes. This won't exactly help keep the concept of "high speed" alive. However, the section itself is complex in terms of infrastructure and will intersect with highway routes.

Overall, according to the project, the approximately 30-mile corridor passes through the cities of Los Angeles, Vernon, Comers, Bell, Montebello, Pico Rivera, Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, La Mirada, Buena Park, Fullerton, and Anaheim, as well as parts of unincorporated Los Angeles County.

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At the same time, if the public has its own opinion on the initiative, it can express it too. Thus, they can participate in the development of the project.

Thus, the new plan changes are intended to improve rail connectivity and traffic in Southern California. And may affect the continued transportation of passengers and freight to the regions.

Image: CHSRA.ca.gov