USCIS решила не брать деньги за биометрические услуги для формы I-539
2023-09-26 Local news

USCIS has decided not to charge money for biometric services for Form I-539

USCIS will not charge money for biometric services for Form I-539, which many people in the U.S. use to change their immigration status or extend their stay.

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The changes will take effect on October 1. This means that applicants who file Form I-539 after that date will not have to pay the $85 fee for biometric services. And in most cases, they won't need to show up for an appointment for biometric services.

By the way, the I-539 is the form that non-immigrants in the US use. Specifically, to request an extension of stay or to change their non-immigrant status.

However, if you file Form I-539 before October 1, some will still be scheduled for an appointment at the ASC Migration Service Application Support Center. You will be notified.

биометрические услуги формы I-539
If you have already paid money for biometric services before October 1 and it was done in error, USCIS will refund it and accept your Form I-539.

Be careful! If you mistakenly paid the biometric service fee and it was included in the total fee for filing Form I-539 on paper, it will be considered an erroneous filing. And your application will be rejected.

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The changes from the INS will also affect applicants who file Form I-539 requesting an extension of their H-4, L-2, or E status. Previously, USCIS required biometric data for these categories until September 30, 2023. But that requirement has now been waived.

All of these implementations make the process of applying for immigration status a little easier and less costly for applicants. Moreover, the USCIS states that they are working on the issue further. The main goal is to eliminate the biometric fee for all Form I-539 applicants.