Пока Южная Калифорния истекает потом, дальше будет легче
2023-08-31 Local news

While Southern California is running out of sweat, it will be easier from here on out

Southern California is expected to be hot until August 30. After that, temperatures are expected to drop, but hurricanes are canceled for now.

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According to meteorologists, residents of the southern desert regions (Coachella Valley, Palm Springs) will soon expect temperatures from 90 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. In Newport Beach, the air will heat up to 80 degrees. And in Orange County, temperatures in the 90 to 100 degree range are expected.

In fact, such a heat wave, scientists say, is normal for this time of year and this period. Similar warnings are recorded every year. Therefore, it is worth it just to endure. To do this, wear light clothing, drink plenty of water, avoid coffee, apply sunscreen to the body. And do not forget children and pets in cars.

California forecasters also predict that after August 30, the heat wave will subside and get a little cooler.

Южная Калифорния

"High pressure will carry hot weather over much of the area, especially farther from the coast, through Wednesday. After that, a significant cooling is expected. Sea clouds will return to most coasts and valleys through the end of the week. And morning fine rain is possible over the weekend," the National Weather Service.

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There is now an Aug. 30 warning for inexperienced mariners, especially those operating smaller vessels, to avoid being in waters from Santa Cruz Island to San Clemente Island up to 60 nautical miles offshore. This includes the San Nicolas and Santa Barbara Islands.

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