Стало известно, в каких пиццериях Orange County вкуснее всего
2023-09-13 Local news

It has been revealed which Orange County pizzerias are the tastiest in Orange County

The Washington Post analyzed 7.5 million reviews on Yelp and found the best regional pizza in the entire state.

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According to Yelp and industry statistics, there are more than 80,000 small chains and independent pizzerias located in the United States. So the publication's reviewers analyzed the various reviews using a specially developed formula. And created a national catalog of regional pizza styles. Only those pizzerias with at least 25 reviews were considered. And suddenly they found that several Orange County pizzerias had better pizza than other establishments not only in the county, but also in California.

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"We set out to find the best pizza in the country, from slice stores in New York to gourmet California pizza, by collecting favorites from experts, historians and professionals from across the country. For a more populist take, Washington Post data columnist Andrew Van Dam analyzed 7.5 million Yelp reviews of pizzerias to see which regional-style restaurants had the most and highest ratings," according to the publication.

пиццериях Orange County

That's how nine Orange County pizzerias made the list of the best:

Chicago style – Tony’s Little Italy Pizza (Placentia) and Rance’s Chicago Pizza (Costa Mesa)
Detroit style – Gibroni’s Pizza (San Clemente)
Neapolitan style – Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana (Fullerton) and Pizza 900 Wood Fired Pizzeria (Laguna Hills)
New York style – Terra Mia Pizzeria (Laguna Hills) and Brooklyn City Pizzeria & Market (Laguna Niguel)
Sicilian style – Big Rob’s Pizzeria (Westminster) and Perry’s Pizza (Huntington Beach).

The full list of rankings for each state can be seen here.

With news like this, the Socium.Network team is craving pizza. And what Orange County pizzerias do you like to visit?

Image: unsplash.com