Дорогу – электротранспорту. В Irvine меняют будущее
2023-07-20 Local news

Make way for electric transportation. Irvine is changing the future

166 new electric vehicle charging stations have been installed at the City of Irvine's municipal park, Great Park.

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Developing so many new charging stations for electric vehicles is another important step in achieving the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2023, says Irvine city leaders.

What interesting things do we know about this mission?

Fact number 1: The devices are part of Great Park's development. After all, it aspires to be one of the best public parks in the world.

Fact number 2: As of today, Irvine has already installed 721 charging stations for electric vehicles. Residents and visitors can find information about their locations on the city's official online.

Fact number 3: in order to reduce vehicle emissions and make the transition to electric transportation accessible to all, the city municipality actively cooperates with civil society.

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For reference, the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) in this city started back in 2021. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and change the environment for the better. The park development and electric vehicle charging stations in Irvine are part of this plan. They will contribute to the city's climate leadership.

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Great Park covers more than 1,300 acres with various attractions and facilities. It is a popular recreational destination for residents and visitors. It was created on the site of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station and includes sports fields, play areas, a historic airplane exhibit, and other locations. The park also hosts a variety of events including concerts, farmers markets, and festivals.

Charging stations, Irvine's climate plan is its mission to become an example of an eco-city for other centers and metropolitan areas. A city with social and economic responsibility.

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Photo: cityofirvine.org