Иммигрантские истории оживут в спектакле “La Havana Madrid”
2023-07-18 Local news

Immigrant stories will come to life in the play "La Havana Madrid"

From July 15 to August 4, San Juan Capistrano will host an outdoor performance of "La Havana Madrid" with Sandra Delgado in the title role.

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What the show is about. In a popular Chicago nightclub in the 60s, Latino immigrants dine, dance and find common topics of conversation. While the gorgeous rhythms of mambo and salsa form the heartbeat of the city, we learn the stories of Cuban, Puerto Rican and Colombian settlers who seek refuge in a new place and fall madly in love. At La Havana Madrid, it doesn't matter where you come from - music is home, and everyone is welcome!

The lead role is played by an American woman of Colombian descent, Sandra Delgado. You may have also seen her in such movie and TV projects as Law & Order, Empire, The Exorcist, Chicago Fire and Mind Games.

Immigrant Stories will last 2 hours with a 10-minute break.

Recommendation: age 12+

American Sign Language performance: Saturday, July 29. All details are here.

Previously, we also announced the play "The Mortician's Wife" Aug. 10-19.

Team Socium.Network invites everyone to a party called "La Havana Madrid". Thank you for reading us.

Photo: chicagomag.com