Благотворительная акция в Orange County поддерживает местные семьи
2023-10-18 Local news

Orange County charity event supports local families

A charity event organized by Good Samaritan Outreach, Inc. benefited many. In Orange County, 30,000 pounds of groceries were distributed to those in need. The rising cost of living is putting pressure on families and many are looking for ways to survive.

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Saturday morning in the Oak Ridge neighborhood, many people arrived for the food distribution. Lorraine Gonzales, one of the participants, expressed her gratitude for the fresh produce she received. According to her, such initiatives are "a real blessing for all of us."

More than 700 families have benefited from the charity. Many, like Lorraine, cannot imagine their lives without such help. The project is realized in cooperation with Good Samaritan Outreach, Inc. and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. These organizations not only conduct food distributions, but also help the homeless.

David Torres, project manager, emphasized the importance of the charity event:

"Many families experience hardship, especially when the bills become overwhelming. We try to make their lives a little easier."

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Mayra Shu-Perez, a mother of two, shared her story. Recently, her family faced the threat of eviction. She not only received groceries, but also volunteered. She shared that support in times like these is incredibly important.

Every charity event makes a huge difference, especially in such uncertain times. For families facing financial hardship, access to fresh food can be crucial in the fight for quality of life. Initiatives like this one highlight the power of community and the importance of serving our neighbours.

Volunteers play a key role in the success of every charity event. People like Mayra Shu-Perez inspire by example. Despite their own challenges, they find the time and resources to help others. Mayra says she believes in the circulation of goodness.

"When you do something good, it comes back to you. We're all in the same boat, and by supporting each other, we make this world a better place."

Want to learn more or help? Find Good Samaritan Outreach, Inc. on Facebook and participate in the next charity event. Socium.Network team believes that together we can make the world a better place simply by helping those in need.

Image: Unsplash