В День Украины попробуйте на вкус аутентичную кухню и красную калину
2023-10-11 Local news

On the Day of Ukraine, taste authentic cuisine and red kalina

Such an event as the Day of Ukraine in Dana Point is an opportunity to feel the whole palette of emotions of the Ukrainian soul through cuisine and creativity.

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This Saturday, October 14, you can be inspired by the authenticity of Ukraine and enjoy its best cultural traditions. Ukraine Day at Dana Point will unite everyone who appreciates the richness of Ukrainian heritage, regardless of origin.

One of the main attractions of this holiday will undoubtedly be Ukrainian food. Ukrainian Smokehouse is in charge of it. This is an establishment that presents the authentic taste of Ukraine and cuisine created with love and care. Their dishes are made from high quality local ingredients and according to traditional Ukrainian recipes. So we rejoice that Ukrainian flavors are becoming more plentiful in the United States. And for those who still don't know what Ukrainian cuisine is, Ukraine Day is a great opportunity to taste its true flavors right here at Dana Point.

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День Украины Dana Point

A concert program is also waiting for you at the celebration. The band U3ZUB plays Ukrainian music in Southern California. And their performance on the Day of Ukraine will definitely add to your pleasant emotions. In addition, the Ukrainian dance ensemble "Chervona Kalyna" from Los Angeles will present numbers that will help you feel the beauty of Ukrainian artistic traditions.

In addition, the organizers promise children's entertainment for different age categories. Therefore, you can come to this event with the whole family.

День Украины Dana Point

It is also worth noting the charitable mission of this event. After all, all the funds raised during the holiday will be directed to help the Ukrainian wounded. Therefore, Ukraine Day at Dana Point is not only an opportunity to discover Ukrainian culture. But also an opportunity to help those who need our support.

Don't miss the colorful event! Tickets are only $10 at the door. But you can register and get a 50% discount. Give yourself and your family an unforgettable Ukraine Day at Dana Point, and create the best memories together!

Come visit us at 25975 Domingo Avenue, Dana Point, CA.