Ирвайн снова заслужил титул “Лучший город Округа Ориндж”
2023-10-11 Local news

Irvine has once again earned the title of "Best City in Orange County."

Irvine, honored as Orange County's Best City, reaffirms its lofty status. The city won the title for the eighth consecutive time in OC Register's Best of Orange County 2023. This winning city was recognized in 18 categories in the annual reader's poll. Centuries of tradition and innovation combine to create a unique atmosphere of comfort and development for its residents.

The city's mayor, Farrah N. Khan, proudly noted:

"The multi-year recognition underscores that our strategic priorities, such as open space preservation, environmental responsibility and innovation, fully reflect the aspirations of our community."

Irvine is indeed a model in sustainability and civic engagement. The city pays attention to aspects such as safety and the environment.

The Irvine Spectrum Center mall is a favorite shopping and dining destination. The mall has been honored as the number one destination for three years in a row. Its impressive number of 17 million visitors a year puts it on par with global entertainment giants like Disneyland. Thus, it is no surprise that it has once again made it to the "Best of" list. Thereby confirming Irvine's status as "Orange County's Best City."

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Prizes and awards at the national level are regularly presented to the City for its outstanding achievements in education, safety, and community improvement. However, recognition at the county level is certainly of particular value. After all, it validates the success of local institutions and businesses in the context of their immediate community and neighbors.

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Irvine, indeed, enjoys a well-deserved reputation not only on the national stage, but also in its county. The city continues to be a leader in various categories and is actively developing the local community. That is why residents proudly support their city by voting and selecting it as the "Best City in Orange County" year after year, contributing to its overall history of success and prosperity.

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However, Irvine has no intention of stopping there. The city is striving to reach new heights, supporting and developing those initiatives that make it exactly the unique and distinctive place we know and love. With this status and dynamism, the future no doubt promises even more triumphs and achievements.

Image: unsplash.com