Реконструкция I-4 в Ориндж Каунти: что нужно знать
2023-10-20 Local news

I-4 reconstruction in Orange County: what you need to know

I-4 reconstruction has begun in Orange County for greater convenience for drivers and improved road infrastructure. The work is taking place near the SeaWorld Orlando amusement park.

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The route on Interstate I-4 was rerouted Thursday starting at 6:30 am. The traffic rerouting is needed for construction work and will be in effect until spring 2024. Drainage and lighting improvements are planned during that time.

The reconstruction will undoubtedly benefit local traffic. It is important for drivers to be attentive and follow the signs to avoid problems on the realigned section.

The main focus of the improvement plan is the intersection of I-4 and Daryl Carter Parkway. This is part of a global initiative to improve the freeway. Reconstruction of I-4 will make access to local attractions more convenient and reduce congestion near the intersection with Apopka Vineland Road.


Major changes include the addition of new exit and entrance ramps to the trailhead. Also the conversion of the existing crossing into a branched intersection. These measures are intended to optimize traffic flow. Work is also underway on the section from west of Daryl Carter Parkway to west of the Central Florida Freeway. One of the key parts of the I-4 reconstruction is the creation of an additional lane that will improve the section's traffic flow.

Recognizing the need for thoughtful change, project organizers emphasize that reconstruction will provide long-term benefits to the public. From creating new ramps to converting existing intersections, each phase of the project will improve accessibility and safety.

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Large-scale projects like the I-4 reconstruction require patience and attention from locals and visitors alike. Authorities urge drivers to strictly adhere to traffic signs and signals. This is important to ensure the safety of all road users. The transformation of this stretch of road will form the basis for future improvements, including new access roads and expansion of the transportation network. The reconstruction of I-4 involves not only ongoing changes, but also laying the foundation for the future development of Orange County's roadway infrastructure.

The final phase of work is expected in early 2026, when the complete transformation of this section of I-4 will be completed. This will allow residents and visitors to enjoy more efficient and safer traffic flow.

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