По неизвестным причинам горела средняя школа в Tustin
2023-11-07 Local news

A high school in Tustin was on fire for unknown reasons

The quick response and decisive actions of firefighters saved one of Tustin's educational institutions on Saturday, Nov. 4 - the high school was on fire.

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The fire occurred in the afternoon. Firefighters used all their skills to prevent a potentially catastrophic event. Thanks to their timely response and professional actions, the emergency was eliminated and no one was injured.

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According to social media posts by the Orange County Fire Department, crews received a call about a fire in the engineering building at Tustin High School just after 1 p.m. Photos shared by rescuers on social media X show them battling part of the room and black smoke billowing from garage doors.

"Thanks to prompt action, a significant part of the building was saved from damage," OCFA emphasized.

горела школа Tustin

There was no one in the room at the time of the fire. Therefore, fortunately, neither the children nor the teaching staff were injured as a result of the incident. But why the school in Tustin was burning is unknown. Therefore, an investigation is now underway.

Firefighters acted very quickly and in a coordinated manner to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of the school premises. They not only managed to bring the situation under control, but also prevented significant damage to the building.

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Overall, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, in 2023, the state recorded more than 467,000 emergencies, 6,375 wildfires, 315,000 acres burned, 4 fatalities (1 civilian, 3 firefighters), and 65 structures damaged and destroyed.

Observe fire safety rules and keep yourself and your family safe!

Image: twitter.com/OCFireAuthority