Преступный мотель Tampico в Anaheim возродится под жилье для молодежи
2023-11-03 Local news

The Tampico Crime Motel in Anaheim will be revived as youth housing

Once it was expected to be profitable, then it was a problem for many families because of crime. And today, the Tampico Motel in Anaheim is being turned into youth housing.

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Orange County has a unique opportunity to help with housing for young people who are too often neglected. The former Tampico Motel at State College Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim will be turned into affordable housing for those who have gone through foster care, become homeless or are at risk of homelessness. The city received $7.5 million from the state and county for the project.

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The administration says the initiative will help young people build a sustainable life with prospects for the future. No word on whether it will be completely free housing or just more affordable housing. However, it is known that in April Anaheim acquired the Tampico Motel for $5.3 million. And thanks to the allocation, its rooms will be converted into 32 studio apartments.

мотель Tampico Anaheim жилье
Work will begin as early as 2024 and the project will be delivered at the end of 2025. Image: Kevin Chang / TimesOC.

Mayor Ashley Aitken said the demolition of the walls of a mid-century motel with neon signs and a swimming pool symbolizes the building of shared hope.

"Today we are tearing down walls. Breaking down the walls of a former motel to build a community of hope and support. We are showing again that Anaheim is a leader in building affordable housing for everyone in our community," said Aitken.

The project has received support from a variety of sources. In particular, $5.5 million in state funding from Senator Tom Umberg and $2 million from CalOptima, Orange County's public health agency.

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The city government is convinced that the renovation of the premises will not only change the lives of young people, but will also have a positive impact on the local neighborhood. After all, the Tampico Motel used to be associated with drug and crime problems. Now, however, the community is welcoming the transformation of the site into affordable social housing. As the converted rooms will become studio apartments with on-site support. Including youth access to employment, health care and other services, according to a statement on the city's website.

The Tampico renovation will be the third such project to convert Anaheim motels into affordable housing. But it is also the first to target young people who need special attention and social support.

Image: octavianews.biz.id