Калифорнийский фестиваль элитного вина на берегу океана в Huntington Beach
2023-11-10 Local news

California's oceanfront luxury wine festival in Huntington Beach

Two days of outdoor wine tastings: connoisseurs of rare wines, artisan cheeses and gourmet food have a chance to attend the largest wine festival in the United States in Huntington Beach.

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A beautiful oceanfront sunset with a glass of fine wine - Huntington Beach is gearing up to host California's largest wine festival on November 10-11. This two-day event promises guests a rich tasting experience with the state's finest wines and exclusive hors d'oeuvres from Orange County's top restaurants.

One of the features of the festival will be a VIP tasting of rare wines. It will take place on Friday, November 10, in the Sapfir Ballroom of the Paséa Hotel & Spa.

"The sparkling wine reception is just a prelude to an evening of tasting hard-to-find trophy wines. Some of them are already out of circulation and impossible to find," the organizers note.

The best regional chefs will serve hot and cold appetizers. And live music along with the sunset will immerse visitors in an atmosphere of luxury and beauty. By the way, Paséa Hotel & Spa is the perfect oceanfront location for this night of fantastic wine.

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фестиваль вина Huntington Beach

On Saturday, November 11, the festival will begin at the Paséa Hotel & Spa beach at 13:00. For VIP guests - at 12:00.

On this day, all guests will enjoy hundreds of wines from leading brands, artisan cheeses and gourmet dishes from top chefs. The organizers promise participants a real quintessential California taste experience. This is where wine, food and music will create a festive atmosphere. Wine lovers will discover new brands and taste the unique flavors of the state's beverages.

"Thousands of wine lovers will gather on the sun-drenched coast for a full day of wine, food and music. Hundreds of premium California wines will be served alongside a mind-blowing variety of food. Artisan cheeses, breads, olive oils, as well as shellfish, salads, chocolates, pastries and more." Here's what you can sample at the event, the masterminds behind this project add.

фестиваль вина Huntington Beach

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In addition, the California Wine Festival is known not only for satisfying the diverse tastes of the most demanding gourmets and tasters. It is also known for its charitable efforts. For example, this year the festival will be raising funds for Golden Rule Charity, an organization that helps hospitality workers in difficult times. So every sip of wine will be your support for the industry.

More details about the event here.

Image: www.californiawinefestival.com