Как Аэропорт имени Джона Уэйна удерживает экономику округа
2023-11-03 Local news

How John Wayne Airport is holding up the county's economy

By providing more than 45,000 jobs and paying taxes to the state, John Wayne Airport shapes Orange County's billion-dollar economic policy.

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This fact is confirmed by the results of the 2022 economic impact study released by the airport. The JWA report notes that a variety of financial data was used for the calculations, ranging from air traffic to capital expenditures and passenger spending.

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It found that the Orange County Airport contributed more than $5.7 billion to its economy in 2022. In doing so, it provided more than 45,000 jobs.

The study also highlighted that JWA contributed more than $352 million in state and local taxes. These figures demonstrate the airport's important contribution to the region's economy.

аэропорт имени Джона Уэйна
John Wayne Airport is the closest commercial airport for 88% of Orange County residents.

Plus, JWA served more than 11.3 million passengers in 2022, according to the company. This included more than 314,000 international travelers, while cargo traffic exceeded 34.6 million pounds. The airport also recorded 304,000 airplane flights, 101,000 of which were commercial.

Charlene Reynolds, Airport Director, commented on the results:

Aviation is essential to connecting and strengthening our local economy, extending well beyond the airfield, supporting more than 45,000 jobs and driving revenue through capital and traveler spending.

This study highlights the positive impact John Wayne Airport has on Orange County's economy, Charlene said. And the agency's important role in creating economic opportunity, increasing capital appreciation and attracting long-term investment for residents and businesses in the area.

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These results indicate the importance of John Wayne Airport to Orange County life. Specifically, in the form of job creation, revenue generation, and support of various industries.

Image: Jeffrey Clayton, Chase Emmons, unsplash.com