Скачай мобильное приложение и выиграй карту Costco на $100
2023-10-18 Local news

Download the mobile app and win a $100 Costco card

Garden Grove is launching a new mobile app and raffling off a $100 Costco gift card for residents.

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The Garden Grove administration has announced the launch of an updated version of its mobile app for residents. As noted on the city's website, with this handy tool, users will be able to get even more information about their community and better interact with city government.

The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android, platforms by typing "Garden Grove" into search.

However, that's not the only good news for residents related to the launch of the new platform. A $100 Costco gift card will be raffled off among those who download this mobile app by October 31, 2023. Three lucky winners will be chosen at random. To enter the drawing, all you have to do is download the app and allow notifications. If you had the old one, uninstall it and download the new version.

мобильное приложение

The winners will be announced on November 1, 2023.

Anand Rao, director of information technology in the city administration, notes:

From everyday needs to emergency alerts, the new app is a more dynamic and user-friendly platform that expands community engagement through smart devices.

The new app includes useful features such as:

  • the ability for residents to quickly report problems in the city and follow up on their resolution
  • water bill payment
  • online submission of construction applications, which is economical and convenient for entrepreneurs
  • opportunity to check on found animals and help them return home
  • access to local goods and services

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In addition, app users can view garbage pickup schedules, street cleaning schedules. In addition, app users can view trash pickup schedules, street cleaning schedules, and information about local events and attractions through the new My Garden Grove feature.

Join Garden Grove for convenient access to city services and a chance to win a Costco gift card!

Image: unsplash.com