Проект TOLOKA проведет третью встречу представителей бизнеса в OC
2023-11-25 Local news

Project TOLOKA will hold the third meeting of business representatives in OC

How to develop Ukrainian entrepreneurship in California? TOLOKA project will answer this question at the next networking for business in OC.

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The last such event took place just three months ago. At that time, it brought together quite a few business representatives from various industries. And it was no less successful than the first networking event.

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That is why, inspired by the results of the previous events, wishing to continue developing entrepreneurship in Orange County, Oleksandr Gladushko and Victoria Alieva, with the support of the Ukrainian-American Coordinating Council, are again organizing the TOLOKA 3.0 business meeting in OC. It will take place on December 9 in Newport Beach.

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The organizers note that the main purpose of this event is to establish friendly ties between entrepreneurs, generate new projects and exchange ideas. After all, each of them represents a separate sphere, has his own invaluable experience of opening and developing a business. And, of course, can share this knowledge with others. This, say the authors of the project, is how success is born.

So get ready to network, collaborate and create lasting relationships with like-minded people. Expand your own connections, develop your skills through interactive sessions. Find inspiration and discover new strategies.

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What's waiting for you?

  • Meetings with practicing entrepreneurs
  • Networking that opens up new opportunities
  • Exclusive presentations on B2B business, marketing, sales and strategic planning.

And the bonus for all those who "make it to the end" will be a cozy party with a barbecue at the end of the day. The number of places is limited. So you can book yours now. Tickets for the event are available here.

The meeting place is at this address: 252 Baywood Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Image: Austin Distel, unsplash.com