Jingle Bells! Fullerton отсчитывает дни до церемонии зажигания главной елки города
2023-11-25 Local news

Jingle Bells! Fullerton counts down the days until the lighting ceremony for the town's main Christmas tree

The holiday season in the Town of Fullerton kicks off with the annual lighting ceremony of the main Christmas tree in the central square.

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Fullerton, Orange County, announces its favorite and much-anticipated annual event, the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, which will kick off the holiday season with fun family activities. On December 2 at 4:30 p.m., tradition, art and good cheer will unite all visitors and residents downtown on the Downtown Plaza.

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In Fullerton, you'll be treated to more than just the opening ceremony of the holiday tree lighting ceremony. The event will also coincide with the Fullerton Museum Center's annual winter fair. It will run from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. And will feature a wide variety of local crafts and goodies. So you'll be able to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones here. And also holiday decorations for a warm and cozy atmosphere at home.

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Fullerton Mayor Fred Jung also shares his enthusiasm for future celebrations. "The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony is a wonderful tradition. It brings our community together to celebrate the beginning of the season," measures Jung. - As we gather at the Downtown Plaza for this magical event, let's get into the spirit of unity. Let's share the warmth and goodwill that this season represents."

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Fullerton opens its arms to locals and tourists alike.

"With a rich history, a vibrant arts scene and a strong sense of community, Fullerton offers residents and visitors a unique experience. Our town is known for its beautiful parks, great schools and a vibrant downtown area that serves as a central gathering place. As we prepare for our annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, we invite everyone to share in the warmth and hospitality that Fullerton supports. And join us in celebrating the magic of the holiday season," says the Mayor's Office of Community Engagement.

Join in on a good tradition and light the lights with family and friends!

Image: Aaron Burden, unsplash.com