Некоторые города OC могут ощущать вибрации в ночное время
2023-11-18 Local news

Some OC cities can feel the vibrations at nighttime

It's Metrolink employees doing maintenance on the railroad that runs through some Orange County towns.

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Specifically, to ensure safe and reliable service, Metrolink rail crews are conducting rail maintenance along the Orange County Line. Specifically, between the cities of Santa Ana and Laguna Niguel from 10:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. daily.

"This work is unplanned, but it is necessary to align the rails to ensure a safe and smooth ride for our customers," Santa Ana city officials say on their official website.

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For citizens' information, overnight repairs will continue through November 27 on this schedule:

  • Anaheim - Mission Viejo, through Nov. 20
  • Mission Viejo - Laguna Niguel, Nov. 20-27

However, schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Metrolink Orange County
Metrolink has already done similar work in Santa Ana - Tustin, Tustin - Anaheim, Anaheim - Lake Forest, Lake Forest - Fullerton, Fullerton - Anaheim. Image: Tony Prince, patch.com.

Some inconveniences are expected during these works. For example, noise, vibrations and dust from construction equipment, light from lighting towers and/or track equipment.

It is noted that any trains passing through this area will move in accordance with quiet zone standards. As required by federal law. Residents can hear the cars passing through at this time. If a person or vehicle is on or near the track, the train will honk its horn.

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It is also known that while work continues on the I-10 freeway in downtown Los Angeles, the Metrolink team, in response to the closure of the section after the fire, has opened four additional trains in each direction - three in the morning and one in the afternoon - starting Tuesday, November 14. They will connect LA Union Station and Covina, making all stops in between. A fifth train will run between LA Union Station and Rancho Cucamonga Station in the evening. Additional passenger cars are also being added to the San Bernardino Line trains.

Image: metrolinktrains.com