С улиц хотят убрать фентанил – OC запускает широкую кампанию
2023-10-13 Local news

They want fentanyl off the streets - OC launches broad campaign

OC will fight a powerful synthetic opioid that's killing people: county launches 'Fentanyl is Forever' awareness campaign.

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The OC Health Agency in California has announced a major campaign called "Fentanyl Forever". To raise awareness about the serious problem of fentanyl abuse in the region and reduce its negative impact on people and communities.

The campaign will use a variety of delivery methods - photos, videos, informational materials, posters, flyers and banners. And it will include media support. This will include publishing family stories of those who have encountered fentanyl and distributing educational materials on prevention and rescue. All will be written in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

There is also already a Web site, www.fentanylisforeveroc.org, where the public can find all the information about the dangers of fentanyl.

фентанил OC запускает кампанию
Prolonged use of the drug fentanyl threatens addiction. Image: Randy Laybourne, unsplash.com.

"It is imperative that we maximize people's attention to this fatal problem," Orange County officials say. They note that among Hispanics, the number of fentanyl overdose deaths in 2021 was up 85 percent from the previous year. Those numbers were just as high in 2022. And that one of the most common causes of death among OC youth is specifically fentanyl.

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Destructive fentanyl

By the way, fentanyl is an opioid that is used as a pain reliever in medicine. For example, for post-operative pain or during cancer treatment. And it is significantly more powerful than other opioids, including morphine and oxycodone.

However, it is important to note that fentanyl has become a big threat because of its abuse. Illegally produced fentanyl, often mixed with other substances, street drugs and pharmaceuticals, is very dangerous. People who use it illegally run the risk of overdosing. Even very small doses can lead to death.

фентанил OC запускает кампанию
The toxic effects of this drug are more devastating compared to morphine. Image: lens.monash.edu.

Moreover, fentanyl is sold illegally in various forms, such as powder and tablets. The authorities and law enforcement agencies are making efforts to combat the trade and abuse of illicit fentanyl. As this substance has become one of the main causes of drug overdoses in some regions.

And that's why the Fentanyl Forever campaign is so important.

Image: Tristan Sosteric, unsplach.com