Легализация в Орегоне псилоцибина, изменяющего сознание, может привести к необратимым последствиям
2023-09-21 Global news

Oregon's legalization of mind-altering psilocybin could have irreversible consequences

Oregon, a state known for its advanced drug policies, has authorized psilocybin - "magic mushrooms" - for the public.

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Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance found in over 180 species of mushrooms. Some, and not only those in need of this remedy, believe that the decision to give the public unfettered access to it is an important step in the development of mental health and may open up new methods of treatment and self-knowledge.

The first licensed Epic Healing Eugenepsilocybin dispensing service in the United States began operating in June. There are now about 3,000 people waiting for it. The need is so great because of the psychological state of modern society. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder - not a complete list of mental problems that haunt people today, and which can be helped by psilocybin.

легализация Орегоне псилоцибина
Psilocybin is a psychoactive substance. Its effects on the body are similar to those of LSD. uk.wikipedia.org.

Legalizing psilocybin in Oregon is about not needing a prescription or referral from a doctor.

However, before using this substance, clients are required to have a preparatory session with a licensed facilitator. The facilitator, by the way, can also refuse to dispense the drug.

Another important detail is that clients do not have to reside in Oregon to legally use psilocybin. They do, however, have to be over the age of 21. But they also cannot buy mushrooms with them, only consume them at specialized centers.

To date, the State of Oregon has issued 11 service center licenses, 110 brokering licenses, 4 psilocybin manufacturing licenses, and 281 permits to operate in the field.

легализация Орегоне псилоцибина
Mushrooms containing psilocybin were used by some American Indian tribes for ritual ceremonies and were considered an object of worship.

Note that psilocybin remains illegal in most of the United States. Many Oregon psychologists do not recognize the legalization of this drug, calling such a step dangerous. But 5 years ago the Food and Drug Administration recognized psilocybin as a "breakthrough therapy".

Although psilocybin legalization in Oregon looks very attractive, potential users must follow certain rules and precautions. The risk of self-medication and careless use can lead to negative consequences. Those who have already used authorized doses of mushrooms report seeing amazing phenomena, fractals, and periods of life that flew by as if before their eyes.

It should also be recalled that the state of Oregon is generally famous for such "revolutionary" steps. It was the first to decriminalize the possession of marijuana. And it was one of the first states to legally authorize its use for health treatment.

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