В топ-50 лучших ресторанов США попали пять заведений Калифорнии
2023-09-21 Local news

The top 50 best restaurants in the U.S. include five California establishments

Dedicated foodies: it would be a shame if, when you're near these top restaurants in California, you bypass them.

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For the third time, the New York Times is conducting an audit among restaurants in the United States and identifying the best. This year's list includes both "old" establishments that have been operating for many years. This year's list includes both "old" establishments that have been in business for many years and new ones that opened this year but already demonstrate quality service and exquisite dishes.

"Despite the turmoil of the past few years, it is a favorable time for independent restaurants to grow. We can't help but feel that cities and towns across the United States have better food today than ever before. It wasn't easy to narrow down the list, but here are the 50 restaurants we're most excited about right now," the publication wrote.

лучшие рестораны Калифорнии
Spicy beef dupbap. Thin slices of beef and onions braised in gochujang sauce. Served with yuba rice and scallions for $16.50 at Perilla L.A. Image: perillala.com

So, the list of the best restaurants in California included:

  • Yess, Los Angeles with Japanese food
  • Perilla L.A., Los Angeles, serving Korean food.
  • Quarter Sheets, Los Angeles, known for its delicious pizza
  • Noodle in a Haystack, San Francisco, which also specializes in Japanese cuisine (main photo)
  • Prik Hom, San Francisco, where you can come for the Taiwanese atmosphere.

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Socium.Network team recommends that you don't stop yourself and try something delicious at one of the best restaurants in California. Or just go to the kitchen right now and have a delicious meal. Because you can't stay indifferent when looking at these photos.