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2023-10-20 Local news

Consumer Protection in Orange County. Help for victims of fraud

Consumer protection in Orange County is an effort to keep buyers of goods and services safe from unfair practices in the marketplace. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud or deception by a business, you have the option of contacting the Orange County Office of Consumer Protection.

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Once your grievance is received, it will be forwarded to the office staff for review. Depending on the nature of the problem, the staff may ask the company to respond to your grievance. Then refer it to the appropriate state or federal agency. Or even conduct an on-site review.

According to Stephen Bulinski, program manager of the Office of Consumer Protection, consumer protection in the Orange County includes handling complaints about companies that may be unregulated. More than $170,000 was returned to consumers through the complaint process last fiscal year.

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The office is active not only in complaint handling, but also in education. The main goal is to provide consumers with information on best practices and ways to protect themselves from fraud, especially for the elderly.

Consumer Protection in Orange County strives not only to respond to problems, but also to prevent them. "Prevention is always better than trying to repair the consequences after the damage has been done," Bulinski states. The office provides educational seminars and workshops so that every resident can learn how to keep themselves safe from fraud.

Consumer Protection in Orange County does not limit itself to responding to complaints, but also conducts active preventive work. This means that the office not only helps in solving problems that have already arisen, but also prevents possible future violations by actively informing citizens about their rights and obligations.

Speakers from the Office of Consumer Protection are available for meetings and events on the topics of unfair trade practices, fraud, occupational licensing and identity theft. To request a speaker or to learn more, call 407-836-4238. You can also use the links provided to print a complaint form or submit it online. Use the links provided below:

PDF links: Complaint FormTowing Complaint Form.
Online Forms: Complaint FormTowing Complaint Form.

Orange County Consumer Protection Office.