После нового года Диснейленд открывает первый отель в стиле Pixar
2023-10-24 Local news

Disneyland is opening its first Pixar-inspired hotel after the new year

Disneyland has announced the opening date for a unique new location in Anaheim - it will be the Pixar Place Hotel, the first Pixar-themed hotel in the United States.

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Pixar Place will not appear on an empty lot. The existing Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel will be transformed into it. Modernized and adapted to the style of the world-famous animation studio Pixar, the hotel will open its doors on January 30, 2024. The event, Disney says, will be the beginning of a new era in the history of the Disneyland Resort, as it will be the first hotel in the U.S. completely in the style of Pixar.

The main emphasis in the interior solutions is on the fun and creativity that characterizes Pixar projects. Each detailed recreated object and each decoration will celebrate the colorful stories of Pixar. Thus revealing the most interesting moments of the creative process.

Диснейленд отель Pixar

Among the interesting features of the Pixar Place Hotel is the décor. For example, an iconic Pixar lamp will be hung in the lobby, balancing on its ball. And from the bright skylight will fly a fantastic mobile of favorite Pixar characters, symbolizing the stages of film production. Animators' first steps and character creation will be reflected in this magical art.

In addition, to satisfy guests' appetites, Great Maple Restaurant will be offering a special menu that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Original dishes will delight Pixar fans and fine dining fans alike.

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Even the comfortable hotel rooms are created with love for each guest. After all, they are inspired by favorite Pixar characters and decorated with elements that create an unusual and original atmosphere. The lighting, decor and modern design of the rooms will emphasize the importance of color to create a special mood.

Диснейленд отель Pixar

Also noted in the press release is that Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel is open and welcoming guests during this transformation. And offers the added benefits of staying on Disneyland Resort property. For more information, visit this page.