В Santa Ana мусор собирает… электрический грузовик
2023-08-01 Local news

In Santa Ana, trash is being picked up by ... electric truck

Republic Services and Santa Ana have launched the city's first electric trash and recycling collection and recycling truck onto city streets.

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Such a project could be realized thanks to the clear position of the municipality. Namely, to create a more environmentally friendly city.

An automated electric truck is already successfully collecting garbage from Santa Ana residents. Its special feature is zero emissions. It is also incredibly quiet in operation and can serve the entire route on a single charge. And in the morning, the car is ready to go again. In total, one such route includes about 1,200 homes.

Santa Ana Supervisor Valerie Amescua thanked Republic Services for investing in the new technology. After all, now the collection and disposal of recyclables will be much easier, more efficient and safer. By the way, this company is a leader in the recycling and disposal of harmless solid waste in the United States.

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Republic Services Area President Jawara Perrilliat emphasized that the environmental services industry has the potential to electrify the fleet. And the company is actively working on those efforts both nationally and locally. Santa Ana's electric trash collection truck is just one of several initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the environment.

For reference, Republic Services partnered with the City of Santa Ana in 2022 to provide environmental services. The new electric vehicle further validates their joint commitment to sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint.

According to the official press service of the municipality of Santa Ana, Republic Services is introducing electric vehicles in other cities as well. The company estimates that by 2028, half of new truck purchases will be electric vehicles.

Socium.Network team is convinced that environmentally friendly transportation will help to make the world cleaner. And of course - it will save the environment for the next generations. Even when it comes to transportation for street maintenance.

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Image: santa-ana.org