10 самых известных бальников мира станцуют об Украине
2023-09-08 Local news

10 most famous ballroom dancers of the world will dance about Ukraine

Experience Ukrainian culture in a way you never have before with the Los Angeles KOLO Dance Show.

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The KOLO Dance Show event in Los Angeles is less than three weeks away. The show will take place on September 23. Therefore, the artists, or rather five pairs of famous ballroom dancers of the world, are actively preparing for a unique concert, which they are going to show you.

The organizers say that the audience is waiting for an amazing performance. It will sing the spirit of modern Ukraine visually and musically. And it also contains a lot of symbols. For example, KOLO in Ukrainian means "circle", the cyclical nature of life. The story of the show itself is inspired by Ukrainian culture and traditions.

During the KOLO Dance Show you will see visual art created by Ukrainian artists during the war. You will also see breathtaking digital animation that will tell the story of modern Ukraine. In addition, you will hear original music.

KOLO Dance Show

Dance art will be created on stage:

  • Andrey Voloshko and Ekaterina Kirilenko are Blackpool Dance Festival Rising Stars finalists, US Open Latin American Finalists and US National Professional Rising Stars.
  • Mikhail Belopukhov and Anastasia Shchipilina - champions of the US Open to the World Professional Latin. Three-time champions of the Ohio Star Ball.
  • Tikhon Zhivkov and Yana Zhivkova are professional sports dance champions. Winners of American Smooth Rising Stars. Finalists of the Professional American Smooth national competition.
  • Sergey Averkov and Elena Barna are Ohio Star Ball Professional Rising Stars International Standard Champions. Vice-champions of US National Rising Stars International Standard, US Open Professional International Standard Champions.
  • Craig Smith and Andrea Harvey are Ohio Star Ball Cabaret champions. Vice-champions of the World Cabaret Blackpool Open and Blackpool Dance Festival.

The show will take place at the Alex Theatre, Glendale, California.

Socium.Network team recommends to touch Ukrainian culture in dance, art and music together with KOLO Dance Show. Meet you there!