Нарисовали на стене все цвета Мексики. В Anaheim появился новый мурал
2023-09-08 Local news

Painting all the colors of Mexico on the wall. There's a new mural in Anaheim

The city of Anaheim, Orange County, painted a 300-foot-long mural. It is dedicated to the history and culture of the Chicano people of the Southwestern United States.

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The spectacular artwork is painted on a wall in Little People’s Park on Elm Street. Artist Damin Lujan of Santa Ana, along with Richard Romeros and Oliver Cortez Velasquez, worked on the design concept and execution. The design was inspired by the Chicano culture and artistic heritage of the Hispanic population of the Southwestern United States who settled in the area in the 16th and 19th centuries.

The image is a veritable symphony of colors. "The creation of the mural was influenced by many ancient patterns with different birds and flowers, all the colors of Mexico. It was all collected from everywhere. And ended up coming together right here," Damin Lujan told reporters. His previous works include the "Welcome Home" mural in Costa Mesa with Obey founder Shepard Fairey, the "Face of Humanity" mural at the Bridges homeless shelter in Anaheim and "Love Always Wins" near Little People's Park.

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The work is opposite another historical mural "Memories of the Past, Images of the Present" by artist Emigdio Vasquez, created in 1978. It was also painted in honor of historical events after the so-called Chicano Movement. When the Chicanos started to fight for their civil rights.

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The mayor's office was supportive of the project. And they said it honors Chicano cultural heritage, history and the future of Anaheim. The brightly colored artwork became a symbol of hope, dreams, life and unity.

In addition, the mural has created another art attraction for locals and tourists. So, come on over!

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