ИИ предотвращает масштабные пожары в Калифорнии: как это работает
2023-10-04 Local news

AI is preventing widespread fires in California: how it works

Over the past decades, California has faced thousands of wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, sometimes millions, and caused billions of dollars in damage. Firefighters battle the flames to protect lives and property of citizens, but artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to their aid, preventing fires in California. 

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At the beginning of August, another fire occurred. If there had been no AI, it could have had catastrophic consequences. Capt. Chris Yearey of Cal Fire tells:

This fire started at less than a quarter acre. If not for the AI's warning, it could have spread much larger. Artificial intelligence really saves our lives.

How AI is preventing fires in California

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can analyze data and draw conclusions similar to human thinking. In this case, the monitoring system uses AI to scan video streams from cameras placed in California forests. The AI is trained to recognize signs of smoke, allowing it to identify potential fire hotspots early on. When the AI detects suspicious signs, operators are notified and can respond quickly.

The ALERTCalifornia project, supported by the University of California, San Diego, has shown impressive results. Neil Driscoll, Project Manager, said:

We're ahead of 911 calls 40% of the time. And that's just the beginning. We expect the system to become even more efficient.

The AI system helps reduce the workload of firefighters who are responsible for monitoring multiple cameras at the same time. When the AI detects smoke, a small red rectangle appears on the screen, indicating the likelihood of a fire. It is left to the operator to confirm the severity of the signal and eliminate possible false alarms.

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Currently, the AI system can still misfire when it detects tractor dust, insects in front of the camera, or even a small haze. However, experienced professionals help the AI improve its performance by giving feedback and clarifying the situation. Despite these misunderstandings, AI reduces reaction times and provides valuable minutes to fight fires.

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AI saves nature and human lives.

With human-caused climate change, fires in California are becoming more destructive and frequent. According to Neil Driscoll, in today's world, systems that utilize AI for early fire detection could be an important step in the right direction. It provides public access to its platform's data. This way, other companies and scientists could also contribute to this important field.

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Thus, artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of the effort to keep California residents safe in the face of the increasing threat of fires. Together with firefighters, AI fights fires by providing early warnings and thus saving lives and property.

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