Украинские мелодии – от самого “Кобзаря”
2023-09-04 Local news

Ukrainian melodies - from "Kobzar" himself

We suggest that you go to a benefit concert next weekend, September 10, by the Ukrainian Choir of California and the Nova LA Orchestra.

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This is not the first time Los Angeles will host an event like this. This time lyrical and soulful performances will again be combined with charity. The Ukrainian Choir of California together with the Nova LA Orchestra, with the support of the Ukrainian Culture Center, will perform on the big stage.

"Kobzar is a community choir. It has been presenting Ukrainian folk, liturgical and classical choral music in the Los Angeles neighborhood since the early 1950s. Music Director Hryhoriy Galik makes this event even more special.

The chorus includes singers from Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. This evening they will be joined by the Nova LA Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Ivan Shulman. They will accompany the choir in beautiful arrangements of several different genres of Ukrainian music.

концерт украинского хора Калифорнии

"As war continues to ravage Ukraine, we are doing the Sing for Ukraine program to raise awareness of the injustice of war. About the extreme hardships endured by our civilian brothers and sisters. And also to raise the necessary funds to help the medical and military needs of our country," say the event organizers.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to gather in the beautiful hall of Ukrainian Culture Center and support Ukraine. Come with your friends and families and join an unforgettable musical event.

Tickets are $40 for adults and $20 for those under 18. It starts at 13:00. Address: Ukrainian Culture Center, 4315 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. All details are here.

Socium.Network team also invites everyone to a concert of the Ukrainian choir of California. Everyone who wants to plunge into the world of Ukrainian culture. Ukrainian Culture Center always holds quality events.

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