В Los Angeles высадится культурный десант с Украины
2023-07-27 Local news

Cultural paratroopers from Ukraine will land in Los Angeles

Already this Sunday, July 30, famous Ukrainian musician Sasha Chemerov will perform in Los Angeles. He will talk about culture at war.

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Sasha Chemerov, the co-founder of the "Cultural Descent" and a talented Ukrainian musician, composer and poet, sound producer, former frontman of the rock band "Dimna Sumish", together with the band The Gitas are organizing a charity cultural event in support of Ukrainian defenders on the front line. Therefore, the event will combine musical creativity and charity.

"Cultural Paratroopers" is an association of famous artists, all of whose efforts are now directed to the victory of Ukraine. On the account of "Cultural Paratroopers" - more than 1000 concerts on the front line, in military hospitals, rescue units and in de-occupied Ukrainian cities. The Cultural Paratroopers also initiates art, psychological and educational projects that are changing Ukraine today.

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Acoustic music, a lecture and an auction await you during the charity event on July 30. Sasha Chemerov will personally talk about how the Cultural Paratroopers work on the front lines, share his creative ideas and sing his best songs.

We emphasize that this event is not just a concert. It is an attempt to raise funds to support the military who are defending their country. Meet Sunday in a pleasant company. Do a good deed, supporting the Ukrainian defenders at the front.

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