Шоу “Слава” собирает средства на поддержку народа Украины
2023-07-20 Local news

"Slava" show raises funds to support the people of Ukraine

On July 27, Brighter Ukraine Foundation is organizing a "Slava" art show in LA to raise funds to support Ukrainians affected by the war.

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You too can join the charity event. It will be an art show with talented Ukrainian artists and tattoo masters who will present their creativity. There will also be wonderful handmade books and jewelry on display. You will be able not only to enjoy various art projects, but also to donate funds to support Ukrainian grandparents. As well as people with disabilities in Ukraine.

For example, the show will feature the work of Marina Malyarenko, a Ukrainian Petrikova artist in the United States; Anastasia Khomutova, a talented artist, digital illustrator and teacher who has received significant recognition for her vivid illustrations of war and patriotism; Ani Dika, an artist-in-residence at Carrizozozo Artist Colony, New Mexico, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley and others.

Palm Grove Social cafe, gallery and cultural hub in Los Angeles, where the event will take place.
Palm Grove Social cafe, gallery and cultural hub in Los Angeles, where the event will take place.

The show is organized by Brighter Ukraine Foundation.

The Foundation works to provide humanitarian aid to refugees and those directly affected by the war in Ukraine. They provide medical supplies, clothing and other necessities for those who have been subjected to terrible ordeals. Brighter Ukraine is also helping Ukrainian frontline soldiers. It helps them with necessary medical supplies and tactical defense equipment.

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Therefore, the Slava show is not just a charity event. It is a way to preserve and enrich Ukrainian culture among compatriots in the United States. Each participant will be able to enjoy the beautiful art, music, and traditions of Ukraine while uniting with the Ukrainian community.

"Our goal is to do much more! Please join our movement and help people in Ukraine," the organizers say.

Join in a celebration of art and kindness. The meeting place - 4660 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016.

And you can learn more about the event and donate money to support Ukrainians on the website of the show "Slava"..

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