Хакерская атака на развлекательную компанию MGM Resorts сломала казино
2023-09-17 Global news

Hacker attack on MGM Resorts entertainment company broke casinos

Late last week, MGM Resorts reported a hacker attack and a massive outage of internal systems. Because of which it was forced to shut them down.

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US-based MGM Resorts, which operates more than 30 hotels and gaming venues around the world, including in Las Vegas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, and New Jersey, is still struggling with the outage after a hacker attack.

The incident took place at the end of last week. Because of which the company was forced to shut down internal networks. In turn, they caused disruptions in the activities of hotels and casinos. In particular, guests started complaining that digital key cards to rooms, payment systems, ATMs and slot machines stopped working. There were also complaints that television did not work and queues formed at certain venues. As the electronic systems were not functioning and all information had to be entered manually.

хакерская атака MGM Resorts
Park MGM is a luxury casino-hotel in Las Vegas. Image: Reuters

After the problem was discovered, the company immediately launched an investigation with the help of leading external cybersecurity experts. The incident was also reported to law enforcement agencies. Prompt action was taken to protect systems and data.

MGM Resorts reiterated its words that the fight against the aftermath of the attack is still ongoing, in a Sept. 14 Twitter:

"We continue to work hard to solve the cybersecurity challenge by responding quickly to individual guest needs. We couldn't do it without the thousands of incredible employees who are dedicated to their service and support of our loyal customers. Thank you for your continued patience."

In general, the hacker attack on MGM Resorts has done its job. But when asked by online users what information the company already has about this cybercrime, MGM Resorts representatives said that they have nothing to share yet:

"Our investigation is ongoing. And we are working diligently to assess the scope and nature of the problem. We have no additional information to share at this time."

хакерская атака MGM Resorts
A screenshot from MGM Resorts' Twitter page

Who's the hacker?

Information has surfaced that the hacker attack on MGM Resorts is the work of the hacker group Scattered Spider. Also known as UNC3944, which mainly consists of individuals between the ages of 19 and 22. Scattered Spider themselves admitted that they gained access to MGM's internal system through social engineering. This is when employees are tricked into giving access to confidential information. However, the purpose of the system hack and what data was stolen is currently unknown. The investigation is being handled by the FBI.

And while the resolution of the problem continues, MGM Resorts says most of its offerings remain in operation. And the company continues to receive tens of thousands of guests every day. It is advised to look for up-to-date information on the MGM Resorts website and mobile application.

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Image: mgmgrand.mgmresorts.com