Июль был самым жарким месяцем за последние 140 лет
2023-08-19 Global news

July was the hottest month in 140 years

NASA considers July 2023 to be the hottest month on record since 1880. And this is the real threat of our time.

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Such results of the study NASA reports recently released on its website. It is noted that the temperature data are collected on the basis of air temperature data from tens of thousands of metrological stations. As well as data on the temperature of the sea surface - thanks to the installed instruments on ships and buoys.

According to the researchers, July 2023 was 0.43 degrees Fahrenheit (0.24 degrees Celsius) warmer than any other July. And that's since 1880 observations. This state of affairs, scientists say, is a consequence of the climate crisis.

июль жарким NASA
The map shows global temperature anomalies for July 2023, according to an analysis by scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Photo: nasa.gov.

Several different world regions, including South and North America, North Africa and the Antarctic Peninsula, have recorded ultra-high temperatures. According to a NASA report, temperatures have risen above average in these regions. Namely, by 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius. This has led to serious challenges for local residents and natural ecosystems. And in general, the excessive heat affected the lives of millions of people and led to hundreds of fatal illnesses.

According to NASA scientists, the record high temperatures of this summer month are a trend of global warming. It has been going on for the last decades. The main reason for this phenomenon is the increase in greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Which is caused by human economic and industrial activity. And this is not a normal situation.

"In every corner of the country, Americans are now experiencing firsthand the effects of the climate crisis," says NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. - The science is clear. We must act now to protect our communities and the planet. It's the only thing we have."

Socium.Network team summarizes: it's time for us humans to think about our actions that are harmful to the planet.

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