Ученикам и водителям напоминают о правилах дорожного движения
2023-08-16 Local news

Students and drivers are reminded of the rules of the road

Orange County schools have started a new school year. Children and drivers are being warned about road hazards.

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The Fullerton School District has installed special new traffic signs throughout the community. They remind drivers to be careful at crosswalks, especially when there are children around, and to follow the speed limit, especially near schools. And to passersby - about the rules of the road, to fulfill all the necessary safety measures on the road. After all, last year one student was hit at a crosswalk. And dozens of others became victims of collisions because of dangerous behavior of drivers. Interestingly, the road signs feature photos of school district employees, partners, city officials and the children themselves.

In the context of this campaign, the Fullerton community is reminded of the 10 rules of the road. Discuss them with your children as they walk to school, walk home, ride their bicycles:

  • Pay attention to traffic - put down your phones and raise your head. Do not cross the street while distracted. Do not text, talk on the phone or wear headphones.
  • Never run out into the street or run between parked cars.
  • Do not cross the street in the middle of the block. Always cross the street at intersections that have traffic lights, marked crosswalks, and stop signs. If the crosswalk has a flashing sign, push the button and wait until car traffic stops.
  • Look left, right and left again before crossing the street. Pay attention to the way drivers look at you. Drivers are not always the best drivers.
  • Ходіть тротуарами. Якщо тротуарів немає, йдіть назустріч зустрічному руху.
  • Evaluate vehicles that are turning or backing up.
  • If you are walking in the dark or in low visibility, wear brightly colored clothing. Carry flashlights or reflective gear.
  • Never wait for a school bus in the roadway - stay on the sidewalk.
  • If there is a traffic controller at an intersection, follow his instructions - he is working for your safety.

Socium.Network team recommends that all parents of school children make it mandatory to discuss the rules of safety on the road.

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