Анонс. Когда в одном шоу сольются разные виды искусств…
2023-08-15 Local news

Announcement. When different art forms merge in one show...

On August 26, we invite you to the touching show "Lost Letters of Love", which promises to leave a deep mark in your hearts.

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"Lost Letters of Love" is not just a show. It is a fusion of music, poetry, dance and graphic art. An event that will intertwine heartache and art on the same stage at the Rose Center Theatre. So say its organizers - the White Nights Artistic Society and the non-profit organization Ballet 'White Nights'.

"Every day we write letters and send countless messages to each other. Sometimes it's just meaningless chitchat or correspondence at work, and sometimes a single notification, a single line of a message appearing on a phone screen can turn into an epigraph to a major love story or rewrite an entire chapter of our lives," the event description reads.

Announcing their show, its authors say that this unique creative project tells ten exciting stories about love, tenderness, loneliness, despair and the search for happiness through letters. Each letter is a whole story that can change the way we see the world. The project explores the diverse aspects of human feelings and emotions. And also how one message can have an impact on our lives.

What can you expect during the play?

  • Original live music, stunning vocal, violin and piano performances to accompany each story.
  • Contemporary choreography. Mariinsky Theatre soloists currently working in California will present original and exciting dance numbers.
  • A fusion of poetry and texts.
  • Graphic Art. Paintings and graphics will accompany each story, giving it visual inspiration.

The Lost Letters of Love show will be held on August 26 at the Rose Center Theatre 14140 All American Way Westminster, CA. It will begin at 7:00 pm. This is a unique opportunity to give yourself an unforgettable evening of harmony and art.

Socium.Network team recommends not to miss the chance to plunge into the world of emotions and creativity. "Lost Letters of Love" is waiting for you!