В школах Orange County стартовал новый учебный год
2023-08-14 Local news

Orange County schools have started a new school year

With the excitement of parents and the anticipation of children: a new school year has begun in Orange County, California schools after the end of summer vacation.

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Typically, Orange County elementary schools begin in August. Each year, the dates may vary depending on the specific school district and decisions made by the education industry. This year, the season kicked off Aug. 10. For the tens of thousands of students who are eagerly resuming their academic pursuits. As well as parents and teaching staff.

This week, students from Anaheim Elementary School District, Centralia School District, Cypress School District and others crossed the threshold. Next week they will be joined by students from Santa Ana Unified School District, Garden Grove Unified School District, Fullerton School District and others.

учебный год Orange County

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Of interest:

  • There are 136 public high schools in Orange County for the 2023 school year. They serve 169,616 students.
  • Orange County high schools have an average rating of 10/10, which ranks them in the Top 10% of public high schools in California.
  • Orange County Public High Schools has 75% minority students out of the total student population (most are Hispanic). Which is less than the California public high school average of 78%.

The new school year in Orange County schools is a special time. Children return to their favorite classrooms, meet friends and teachers. Parents are excited to see their first graders or seniors start a new school year. And educators are busy developing new curriculum plans and getting to know their students.

The first day of school can be long and tiring for students. But it is also a very important day. The day when the foundations for new successes are laid. Socium.Network team wishes all participants of the training process good luck in the new year!

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