Спектакль “Лизистрата” – комедия для взрослых о выборе
2023-08-10 Local news

The play "Lysistrata" is a comedy for adults about choices

San Juan Capistrano is once again preparing for a theatrical event. On August 20, the play "Lysistrata" by Leonid Filatov will take place.

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This play, performed in Russian, won the hearts of the audience after successful screenings in June. Now you have a new opportunity to enjoy this poignant and topical production.

"The idea to stage the play "Lysistrata" did not come by chance... It was born at this time legitimately. And everyone who happened to be around - not indifferent and finely feeling people - all contributed to this work. We will talk about the choice... that everyone has," the organizers say. - Leonid Filatov's brilliant play based on Aristophanes' ancient Greek comedy "Lysistrata" (411 B.C.) could not help but touch our hearts. It made us plunge into the world of experiences familiar to people since ancient times.

For millennia, generations of people have gone through wars, suffering and loss. Aristophanes described the most marvelous happy ending possible in such troubled times. And he made women in this historical context realize that love, loyalty and solidarity can work wonders.

A play about love and bringing people together when they are interested in the same thing - people want peace... Women want peace. They always have. War is always about wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. It's about those who lose their loved ones. Aristophanes wrote a comedy... about that. The way women solved such problems in Ancient Greece, you will understand when you see our performance".

However, it should be remembered that the play "Lysistrata" is intended for an adult audience of 18+. You can expect sparkling dialogues, unexpected plot twists and vivid characters created by talented actors.

Actors' talent will blossom on the stage of Camino Real Playhouse. Address: Camino Real Playhouse 31776 El Camino Real San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.

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Socium.Network team invites everyone to the play "Lysistrata". Give yourself an unforgettable evening with an adult audience!

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