Один город в Orange County признан лучшим для семейного отдыха
2023-08-27 Local news

One town in Orange County has been recognized as the best for family vacations

Fortune business magazine has released the results of its national ranking of the nation's 25 best cities for family vacations.

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First place in the state of California and 12th in the national ranking as the best city for family vacations went to Tustin, Orange County. The place, which is considered the children's center of California and where more than 84 thousand people live.

The organizers of the rating note that Tustin has something to be proud of. There are two Michelin-starred restaurants here: CHAAK Kitchen and J. Zhou. Zhou. There's also Citrus Ranch Park, a 17-acre citrus grove with 1,000 lemon trees, playgrounds, trails and stunning views of the San Gabriel Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Old Town Tustin boasts historic homes, charming stores and numerous restaurants to stroll through. Tustin is also rich in museums, galleries and quality schools, trails for bicyclists, hikers and walkers.

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And although real estate here is much more expensive than the average in other cities of the country, but landscapes, infrastructure for recreation overlap this fact. And also in this place, despite the hot weather in summer, comfortable mild winters. What is not an ideal city for life and family vacations?

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In total, Fortune magazine analyzed nearly 2,000 cities and towns in the United States. Those that met the needs of multigenerational households were sought. Fortune's analysis took into account quality of education, general health factors, affordability. Crime rates, diversity, education, and resources for seniors were mandatory. These are things that can help people fight isolation and build social connections.

Cities that rank in the top 25 are more likely to have access to critical resources, community support, and financial prosperity.

Socium.Network team is truly happy for the residents of Tustin and all of Orange County. We hope that soon other cities in the county will be in this ranking as well.

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