Топ-3 популярных продуктов в магазине европейских товаров European Delights
2023-09-09 Local news

Top 3 popular products at European Delights, a European grocery store

You might be surprised to learn which products are the most frequent guests on the table of European Delights shoppers.

European delights banner

"Our people are easy to recognize. Wherever you move, sooner or later you start looking for buckwheat, even if you never liked it," says one of the immigrant jokes.

The European Delights store has once again made sure of this. Customers were asked to name three products that their grocery basket cannot do without. So, buckwheat, crumbly cottage cheese and rye bread were in the top 3. They are followed closely by dumplings, sunflower oil and kvass.

All of these and many other products unique to America can always be found on the shelves of European Delights. For those who love fermented dairy products, you can also buy delicious cottage cheese "homemade". Here they make it themselves, observing all recipe and sanitary norms. And the main thing is that they make it with love, so that customers savor it and come back to this place again and again.

The European Delights store is a real find for those who are looking for delicious and quality products from Eastern Europe. The market has products that you won't find anywhere else.

You can order any products with delivery to all states here. Or come to the store and see the quality of the products in person. The address is 10613 Lawson River ave., Fountain Valley, 92708. Contact phone number: 949-531-1494.

Sincere recommendation of the whole the Socium.Network team's to visit the European Delights store. Because we have already been there!